UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2006 - It seems the September announcement of my putting this Bring Beetroot Back to Subway crusade was premature! Almost immediately after posting that September update I received a comment informing me that NSW Subways didn't have Beetroot back. Well I received some more feedback off blog from another source from within the Subway camp confirming that fact and my correspondence has put the crudsade to Bring Beetroot Back to Subway back on the frontline. More will be forthcoming soon on my blog.

Stay tuned and lend your support by leaving a comment.

UPDATE: As of September 2006 I am sufficiently satisfied that it seems Beetroot is back to stay in Subway. So I am putting my Bring Beetroot back to Subway campaign into remission. Thanks to everyone who showed their supoport and took an interest. If you wish to continue to add your comments as a sign of support, pleae feel free to.

These pages will stay as a remider to stand up for something, anything, you believe in!

What's this all about?

Once, I used to enjoy having Beetroot on my Subway subs. Then one day I went in to grab a sub and was informed that Subway stores in South Australia no longer have Beetroot (or Pineapple) on the menu. I was aghast and when asking why was even further repulsed by the answer that they were no longer allowed to have Beetroot due to 'rules' from 'head-office'. Another customer overhearing the conversation was likewise astounded.

Not good enough I thought. Why should what is a US based company be dictating what we like to eat? Another flavour directive from the likes of those who brought us raw onion on our hamburgers! Since when did others become the authorities on what we like on our subs?

I went straight home and sent an email to the US Subway people.

Almost needless to say, I got not response from them, and to this day still haven't. When they respond I'll remove this paragraph.

Trying to gauge the feelings from other people in the State I sent email to a local Talkback Radio station, 5AA (1395AM) and again got no response.

There were others I spoke to who likewise had noticed that Beetroot had gone missing from the Subway menu and they too bemoaned the fact.

So there you go, that's why this website exists. I've had enough of just lying down and taking it. This is the Beet that broke the camel's back!

If you too like Beetroot and think Subway should bring it back on their menu, please visit my guest book and make your feelings known. Perhaps, maybe, if we get enough response I can submit the evidence as a petition to Subway.

Oh, and if you don't like Beetroot but think this smacks of yet another company that tells us from the other side of the world what to eat or appears to be playing big-corporate bully on the tailstrings of so-called 'economic realities' and you don't like it, let me know in the guest book.

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