Dave for Rudd’s 1000 at Australia 2020 Summit

Laurel talks here about Kevin Rudd’s call for an Australia 2020 Summit [video] to gather ideas from 1000 Australians on 10 issues:

• Future directions for the economy, including education, skills, training, science and innovation
• Economic infrastructure, the digital economy and the future of Australia’s cities
• Population, sustainability, climate change, water
• Rural industries and communities
• National health strategy
• Families, communities and social inclusion
• Indigenous Australia
• The future of Australia’s arts, film and design
• Democracy, open government, the role of the media, the structure of federation, citizens’ rights and responsibilities
• Future security and prosperity Source: Prime Minister’s office

Over at bloggerati.com.au there’s a user generated poll going on for including who we, the people of the web, think should be in the 1000.

I’ve been nominated….so go vote if you think I have anything valuable to add. You just never know.

Vote here for Dave in Rudd’s 1000.