Listener’s Poker

Over on his blog, my mate Kent has started a game of listeners poker. He explains it like this:

[It’s like]  Liar’s Poker, but with sound.  Somebody pick something good, and others try to top it.  We’re talking playing, and musicianship.  Not just some studio-created and network-marketed nonsense.  Music.  Reeeeeel music.

Well, I’m game. And seeing as he started with an instrumental I’ll continue that theme, and raise him a Bruce Cockburn

Got some music you think is good?

Prove it!

Live 365 stations streaming on iTunes


NOTE This article has a date and was current at that date. I realise that Live365 has now changed and that the instructions in this post no longer work. I wrote this mostly for a friend who used Live365 a lot. I never have. I have no intention of updating this so it works, if indeed it’s possible at all now, and I have no inclination to find out. I’m sorry but I’m not Live365 support.

UPDATE 2: I snipped some off the end of a url I got and surprisingly it’s been running for two days now in iTunes when I try it. 

Here’s a short url I made:

Here is the full url if you’re interested:

UPDATE: In response to my post, Kent did some more digging – posted here. Seems the url you get is a temporary one. We’re doing more tests so stay tuned and will post more updates as we discover more.

So, my mate and cohost, Kent Newsome, is a music addict, song writer and streams his 28,000 song music collection out over his Rancho Radio station hosted on Live 365.

My other cohost and mate, Mike Seyfang, who, like me, uses a Apple AirPort Express to play audio in iTunes out over our stereo system, were looking for a way to play Kent’s stream over iTunes.

That means we needed a stream address, yet we couldn’t find one anywhere in Live365. We were all talking about it on the last podcast or two.

So I had some time to poke around this morning, as you do on a Public holiday when quietly vegging at home. And I found a solution!

I started searching and this pointed to the fact that it was possible to get a .pls file when clicking on the yellow play button in Live365 (even though that particxular post refers to Linux). Further looking found a couple forum post mentions here were near the mark.

I signed up to Live365 (Free) so could get to the “Listening Settings” page from under “My Account” on Live365 site.


However the default page only mentioned a “Radio365-Desktop” application under “Desktop Player Options”.


Being aware of getting to the base url of streams using VLC before, I figured maybe I could sticky-beak around the back of this app of theirs, so I dutifully downloaded, installed, and poked around.


Nifty, spiffy looking app, but no cigar for my purpose – {delete app}.

So I had another poke around at the “Listen Settings” page and lo and behold, look what they hid under a link next to a label called “Additional Options” – two options, one that reads “iTunes”. Check that radio button!


So now, go back to the Live365 website and click on the yellow play button again.


This time, even though the little java player window still pops up, a prompt should also pop up asking you what to do with the “.pls” file. I chose open with iTunes, because that was the whole point of this excercise. But you can choose whatever player app you have and use on your system, no skin off my nose.


And viola! The stream should open in your iTunes. Look in your Library, not the Radio link in the top section as that’s an Apple controlled list. You can make your own playlist and drop your streams in there. Like mine here.


So, there ya go Kent, I’ve done my bit to make the Internet a better place … just for you (point #8).

Happy listening.