So Whats changed – view from the bat cave

Spent Friday (oh that was yesterday) supporting my fellow Munge Brothers doing some remote behind the scenes post production of the audio for the ‘So whats Changed’  Conference.

Mike was doing a workshop there as well as juggling the recording for podcasts of the event. As he was spread thinly Brother Nick helped him out onsite in Sydney while I stayed home in Adelaide.

The work flow was something like Mike & Nick records session, Mike uploads while next session is going, I get upload file, download, snip, put intros on, check levels, export out as mp3s, add appropriate ID tags and upload the thing back where Mike grabs it and puts it along with blog post into the conference blog, hence creating an ‘as near as possible with asynchronous’ real-time feed of the proceedings.

I kept in ‘blind-touch’ with Mike/Nick via IM and SMS and email – whichever was working at the time. Mostly IM was best for me, as the feeling of flying blind can be quite strange. I had a good rundown of who would be speaking when and when the files would magically appear for me to munge, but the stream of backchannel communication was most important to clue in to what was happening.

Occassionly there were dropouts of the IM, so email and SMS were used to notify eah end where we were up to.

There were flurries of activity at times, obviously coinciding with speaker change-over times and other times I would just sit doing some other things while waiting for the nexrt onslaught. So, while it wasn’t a constant ‘on’ type of pressure, I was engaged and focused on the task from about 8am til 6pm. It was kind of a cocooned tunnel vision state I was in….and strangely I quite enjoyed it. (Thought: I wonder if this is a little part of the full-focused attention aphrodisiac that Linda Stone refers to)

The actual task was a bit complicated and messy my end due to me being between moving computers and so endedup doing different tasks on different computers. Certainly the process stands room for improvement. The lack of sleep and fighting a bit of an infection didn’t help matters either. But I purposely did not let the Brothers in on the hiccups this end – I knew they’d be having their own hassles (which, it turns out they did) and I just got on with producing the goods the best kludged way I could.

Now, I don’t know that much about the people behind the conference, Educationau, but it occured to me that these educators where takling coming to grips with how to do things in a ‘new media’, ‘markets are conversations‘ way. That in fact they were taking up the challenge of how to learn what Generation M already know and do. If I read between the lines correctly of JP’s blog, Confused of Calcutta, he too seems to be keenly aware, though maybe in a different context, of the challenges the current generation of ‘old farts’ like myself face in learning and catching up and preparing what we do for the new connected generation. 

Sometimes it all seems very exciting to a alpha geek thinker like myself, but often….it’s just tiring! :)


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Found this neat site called RockYou via Mike that lets you do neat Photo Slideshows. It’s extremely easy an neat. I put this show together below from my Darwin trip to show what’s possible.

Update: Did I say it is neat? :-/

Point 13

Back in 2003 Scoble wrote his 20 point “Corporate Weblog Manifesto“. Point 13 says:

13) If your life is in turmoil and/or you’re unhappy, don’t write. When I was going through my divorce, it affected my writing in subtle ways. Lately I’ve been feeling a lot better, and I notice my writing and readership quality has been going up too.

Okay, this may not be a “corporate” blog and no, I don’t do everything Robert Scoble says anyway (Doc Searls, now that is a different matter, see point 10). No, I’m not going through divorce (been there, done that), but my life, especially at work, has been in turmoil of late. Nothing that won’t pass…in fact it’s starting to already.

So, if you glance every now and then at your list of feeds in your reader (you are using a feed reader I hope) and are wondering where I am, see point 13.

Maybe in future I’ll just write a post with the title “Point 13” and in the body put “See title”….and you’ll know what’s going on.

Rebooting Relationship

Looking at some of the thoughts filtering out of Reboot8, a post by Robert Paterson titled Reboot8 – Transactions or Relationships? A return to being human! caugfht my attention and just kept reinforcing my thinking on a few things.

About having, not using blogs. Like I wrote last week in No-one likes to be used….

Blogs are RELATIONAL not merely TRANSACTIONAL. And nobody in a relationship likes to be USED.

Robert’s well summarised description got me asking the question I posed at the end of Openness is more than an API

“Is openness a cultures’ adaptive behaviour to enable what in essence we crave” relationship?

Here’s some choice bits of what Robert said came out of the conference :

Natural human relationships, based on honor and reputation, mediated in the context of community will replace transactional relationships mediated by institutions.

Community and personal reputation will increasingly be amplified by social software and will creates “Places” in which commerce will take place, just as markets themselves were once social spaces. Participation is not a feature of this emerging paradigm but its centrality.

Blogs are documented ‘natural human relationships’ and the same rules of relationships apply in virtual space as in physical space. If we think they don’t we’re thinking in the past not the now and certainly not of the future. Trust, reputation, honour matter. Things naturally occur or grow out of participating.

Robert reports that at the end of the conference that everyone was asked us to speak out what they would do now. For my part, it’s Lifekludger.

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