Preserving Digital Identity in my Will

I made a decision yesterday while travelling home – I’m going to make allowance in my will towards the ongoing existence of my digital identity.

Now, don’t panic, I’m not ill and don’t intend on dying anytime soon. But it will happen. And it so happens that with recent changes in living arrangements I’ve been in the updating Will mode for a while. (Read there – I’ve been slack in finalising it.)

Anyhow, I was thinking about how we talk about how the things we do digitally are so more ‘sticky’ or permanent and how one should be careful of what we put online as it will be ‘searchable forever’. But will they? Forever is a long time and while I understand the sentiment in such arguments, the fact is that if I let my domains expire that a lot of what I do would be inaccesible. And someday even the information from them that is stored in google’s cache will be expired. Then, it will be gone. Much is said about how to not do things personally online that might jeopordise opportunities in the future, but I don’t see much about what to do if you actually do want to ensure the ongoing nature of the opportunities you have taken.

Now it might not be so bad for things to disappear, really, when it comes to anything personally I do. However I thought of Lifekludger as an entity and how I believe in what its potential is and how such potential might not be realised in my time. Lifekludger will depend on the increasing nature of online connetedness between people and so while progress and time might be on it’s side, time and progress isn’t for individual human beings.

So I thought about how much of what I do online is important to me and how much I value what it is I’m building oline – whether personally or otherwise. And I figured that if I was serious about it then I should do something to help it survive after me. Hence I thought of the Will.

Here’s my plan. I’m going to put in my Will that a certain sum of money be taken from my estate and put in an interest bearing account with responsibility of maintaining given domains and hosting company fees falling to a pre-determined and informed trusted person. I figure all these online cost are likely to get cheaper in future anyway so the outlay won’t be huge and interest might even account for most of it. At current prices I’d only be looking at about a $3-5k amount. And if Lifekludger finds legs before then well and good, my personal domain will survive even longer … FWIW :)

So there you have it. Have you thought about the longevity of your digital identity?

Dave – Lifekludger

PS: As would happen, after writing I see there’s a startup called Legacy Locker that deals with the distibution of passwords to online accounts. This doesn’t however allow for ongoing expenses involved but I might consider using a service like that in conjunction. That said, who will guarantee survival of a Third party online service?

Miscellaneous small thoughts loosley blogged

Photo: Kamyar Adl

Some thoughts of recent, spurred on by many things.

I had been thinking about returning to more ‘stream of conscious’ blogging but hadn’t got there – so it’s about time I did.

But this might not be one of them.

It used to be people blogged heaps….then something, or some things happened.

We got Twitter.

Actually it’s not all twitters fault. It’s a combination of things. Not having a really easy and convenient method for blog input (like twitter input); A sense of thinking we need to somehow always make sense and now blogging is grown-up so too must what we write – which means longer, in-depth posts – which just means putting it off and finding other things for outlet of our cognitive surplus (ty Mr Shirky). Then we just get ‘busy’ and around we go again.

So talking on our latest podcast the other day (which I  haven’t got up at this stage, but will link when I do….no, I’m NOT keeping this in draft until then, as I would like to do, I’m getting this out) Mike and I were wondering about this blogging stuff and talking about books – one was David Weinberger’s “Everything is Miscellaneous“. And it hit me. I had noticed that David’s blog (Joho) had often had little one line or so thoughts as a post…most times with a link. Doc Searls is another good one for dropping a blog post thought on something going through his mind. While both are expertly capable in marvelous, awe inspiring pieces of writing, they also jot every little thing in their blog that hey have a thought about. And why wouldn’t they … being Cluetrain guys. … and why shouldn’t I?

The thoughts we all have are not going anywhere towards the collective cognitive bank unless we SHARE them….and unless we enable them to be scraped, crawled, spidered and indexed they remain isolated. They need to be joined with other thoughts to build snowballs … that Doc likes to roll down hills. :)

Remember in the blogosphere – and all online activity – linking is currency – and all coins, no mater how small, when collected can make great things happen.

Toss even your small coins in. I’m going to.


Lifekludger pointer

I see JP pointed to Lifekludger here on a recent post of his about my testing Pointui in a post he titled ”
Freewheeling about visualisation and manipulation tools and support for diversity“.

He picked up on a Tweet I left ;

“dnwallace : tryin out Pointui on WM5 and liking it. Finally, ‘touch’ features without a finger –

There’s too much to say than I have time right now, this is just to point you onto the lifekludger blog rather than here.

More to say on the subject later…over on Lifekludger.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

That’s one of my chief guiding principals. If something does the job, go with it until it doesn’t.

So, turns out there was something I wanted to do on this blog that my ole WordPress v1.5 install wouldn’t support, so I’ve just upgraded it to v2.

It went fairly painless. I disabled plugins, copied the directory over to a backup spot, dumped out the database as a backup and hit the upgrade via Fantastico (I use Bluehost which supports it).

After that it was just a matter of seeing what wasn’t there and filling in the blanks by copy/pasting from backup styles and my heavily modified theme.

There’s a couple little things I’ll need to follow up re sxore comments but generally everything seems to be going fine.

Now, on with the show.


Suffolk ‘n’ Cool Second Life T-shirts

sfncSo here’s how a net works.

Mike emailed me about Peter Clitheroe ( saying he’s a mate of Pete Cogle ( and how he was heard on his podcast talking about having tshirts in Second Life and needing a hand with getting them out in-world. So, I left a comment on the suffolk ‘n’ cool site offering help.

albert&dave_sfnc.jpgSo, there I was in SL and Peter IM’d me. I was in middle of an opening where my art was being exhibited but he joined us and I got one of his t-shirts and a shot of us wearing them.

If you have SL you can get your own shirt from this location using the following slurl :

Now, if I can just get a t-shirt designed for our podcast, extraordinary everyday lives. is a pain

I got tagged by and being the tag came from a trusted network passed it on.

Seems after the fact just a froth and bubble ad site.

So anyone who I tagged…..sorry. Please ignore and move on..

Lesson: No matter how your personal net-works, there’s no substitute for self-investigation.


Lifekludger Interview in this Thursdays Age

UPDATE: So, it appears it didn’t get a show in that Thursday, 16th. My Journalist contactsays will definately appear..try for this Thursday, 23rd.

Latest news is that my interview will appear in this Thursday’s Age Newspaper (16th Nov.)

I think that the ‘Personal Space’ column will probably run next Thursday..

So if you pass a newsagent Thursday pick up a copy to show your friends … or just read it there and put it back!

It’s possible that it won’t make it on to The Age website, not all do, so after it’s published I’ll post the interview here. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to get the hard copy and stick it on your wall! :)

Happy Anniversary to me

Today is the anniversary of when I started blogging.

Yes, 1 year ago, my first steps onto the write side of the read/write web were bought forth onto the unsuspecting blogosphere.

I’ve been up to a bit since then. Started a few crusades. I took my Bring Beetroot Back to Subway campaign to the blogosphere. Lifekludger blog was started to explore my crusade to bring technology into the lives of people living with disability. Talked up a storm about Jewels in the Longtail. Got some great response for simply sharing about my trying out a couple TabletPC. Presented at a conference about connecting with blogs and podcasts. Started a podcast.

But the best bit has been the people I’ve made contact with.

In particular my renewed association with my friend, colleague, recently fellow Munge Brother, and in many respects mentor, Mike Seyfang. Connections do indeed happen when stories overlap. I’m glad that after a 20 odd year association of sporadic story overlap in our lives that we finally landed on the same page in the story book.

And you, if you’ve somehow stumbled upon my blogging in the past 12months and had a glance, thanks. Thanks for doing your part in making sure that for every blog writer there’s a blog reader.

Thanks to everybody that’s linked, commented, emailed or skyped. Being an active participant is exactly what this web 2.0 thing is about.

Now some stats. Between my personal blog and the Lifekludger blog I’ve written 282 posts, had 13,000 visits, a bit over 20,000 page views, seen returning visits grow from 50-700, subscribers to the feeds grow from 0 to 120 currently (peaking at 140 and averaging 52) and earnt the grand sum of $73.20 from Google adsense .

I’ve learnt a lot and had a hoot.

Here’s to the next year! Bring it on!