Enableblogs – beginnings

Things happen so fast in this Web2.0 world it sometimes makes my head spin.

If you’d looked closely at my Flicker photos you would have seen some shots of a conferenceconf between James Farmer (edublogs), Mike Seyfang (Learndog) and myself (Lifekludger) resulting in James graciously offering to host the enableblogs site – a concept which had been burning in my brain ever since seeing a blog and imagining what they could do to empower an individual voice and link and grow conversations and ideas. In the enableblogs case, the conversations would be around disability and issues of ‘enablement’ generally.

That conference was barely 2 weeks ago.

Then last Friday,4 days ago, while chatting with James online, he switched on the WPMU magic for enableblogs to come to life.

The timing couldn’t have been better – it was a mere 30 minutes before I met with Lloyd Walker from Novitatech to take him into the world of blogging and what I think it has to offer his bid for a CRC here in Adelaide.

The meeting went well with Lloyd and by the end he was ready to sign up for a blog. How marvelous it was then to be able to plug him straight into an enableblog — the platform and environment where I envisage just such a project and blog should be.

Lloyd seems to have embraced the idea, including his first post a couple days later. I am sure when he gets a handle on things more and more good information will come out of Lloyd about the CRC proposal.

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