Audio from #cua09 – Mike Seyfang

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The Social Web (Web 2.0 and beyond)
A brief tour of social networking tools with a view to developing strategies, plans and techniques for participating in online conversation with your stakeholders. Building on the ClueTrain assertion that “markets are conversations”, and taking cues from face to face conversation in “real life” we will take a brief tour of social media tools – paying more attention to those which help us listen. By the end of this session you should be able to begin listening for online conversations relevant to your work, and hopefully you will figure out how to gain some benefit from the old saying ‘you have two ears and one mouth – use them in that proportion’
Mike Seyfang – Social Media Consultant



Note: this is audio taken from a qik video taken with a mobile phone and stitched together with whatever source available so is not complete … audio quality varies accordingly.

watching #cua09

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I’ve been watching the info coming out of Sydney from the ConnectingUp Conference (or, not coming out, with the connection probs they’ve been having).

This image shows the state of my screen as I was following stuff. Interestingly I heard Mike talk about me spending a lot of time in Second Life – which I was while watching #cua09 and at exactly as he said it.

I also had the twitter stream of the conference tag being displayed on my 40″ Sony TV across the other side of my room. I was using VisibleTwitter full screen, and would glance at it every so often.

You can catch a small video below, taken with my digital camera, of what it looked like.

VisibleTweets is from
Witter @visibletweets

Keynote audio from #cua09 – Allen Gunn

Mike (@fang) prompted meto get some audio from his qik recording of the ConnectingUp 2009 Conference.

This is from Allen Gunn, (Gunner) Executive Director of Aspiration.

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Note: this is audio taken from a qik video taken with a mobile phone and stitched together with whatever source available so is not complete … audio quality varies accordingly.

ConnectingUp 2008 yahoo pipe feed

Seeing I won’t be there I’ve created a yahoo pipe to track activity at ConnectingUp 2008 Conference.I’m using the tag ‘cu08’ and as suggested by @kanter following the #cu08 hashtag for twitter.Feed published at this link here.Dave

Welcome to Australia Beth

Was tracking Beth Kanter‘s journey via Skype, Twitter Qik on her way to ConnectingUp 2008 Conference in Brisbane.

Followed a Twitter on Sat afternoon that she was streaming live on Qik – unfortunately she quickly experienced the bottleneck that exists to any serious entry of Australia participating the Information Economy – our network access.

Beth Qik Oz 2
Click here for full image of above.


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The Fourth Platform clarified – the Social Sector

connect frour with peopleOver on her blog, Laurel does as brilliant job of expanding on a very important penny that was dropped and jelled at the Connecting Up Conference earlier in the week.

It’s reflected in the comment I jotted down here while liveblogging. During his keynote, Daniel Ben-Horin from Compumentor made reference to the emergence of a fourth platform. Mike Twittered it at the time as this : “May 14, 2007 Mike Seyfang: Now it gets interesting – Daniel Ben-Horin: the fourth platform (the terrain has shifted)”

This whole “Social Sector”, as Laurel terms it, encompasses all the elements of ‘Free as in Freedom’ and is an economy of sharing that builds with relationship and thrives on openness and connection. All the things that amplify an individual’s life ‘signal’.

Here’s a snippet from Laurel’s post “dotSub and the fourth Social Sector

Social Sector is destroying companies and doesn’t even notice. Government – watch out, Social Sector is only about activism, without even realising it.

Get over there and read it all. Go on…you know you want to.


(Photo by 4MAX, via flickr)

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Wireless un-access at the Hyatt

Thought I’d try saving my 3G net access on my pda so went looking for wireless access. This is the message I get in the Hyatt in Adelaide.

Welcome to Broadband Internet Access

Access Credentials
User Name :
Password :
A pre-paid card is required to use this service. These can be purchased from the hotel.
Unused time on pre-paid cards is not refundable.

Wonder how much more business there is in offering wireless access bundled with conferences.

Australian Broadband – View from both sides of Government.

Live blogging from the CU07 conference. Here’s notes from first couple keynotes from both sides of Government.

It’s all as I heard it – ymmv.

Senator Helen Coonan – Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (LIB)

Internet (broadband) – The fifth utility
Opposes ALP ‘fibre to the node’
G9 (Optus led)
Won’t build where industry will.
Communication fund $9 Billion (for country etc).
Top 10 OECD countries for BB takeup.

$162M broadband connect fund for regional.
National BB Network for regional areas. To be completed 2009.

$562.5 M has been put nto Innovative programs for ICT.

E-strategy guide launched CU06 (seems old to me)
3rd Section Expansion Program – 3STEP report Taking paper to OCC

$113M Clever Networks Program..?
Disability ?

Paper-Broadband …

Guidelines for 2nd round Clever Networks program released.
Senator Stephen Conroy- Shadow Minister for Communications & Information Technology (ALP)

Burrito project on myspace as example of scaleable commity project.

BB more than just faster internet.
Is important economic Infrastructure as important as other utilities.

Issue moved from IT pages to front pages.
Up there with Education & Climate change.
Speed rated 26/30
Quality 21st

Minister told office to stop collection of these stats re Bb.
Australia BB backwater.

Touched on de-centralisation. Tele-working.
ALP would provide $4.7Bn over 5 years in collaboration with private.
Fibre to node network.
Deliver absolute min 12mb/s to 98% country.

Telstra & G9 (Optus led) network Govt. Mentioned would only build for 5 cap cities and major centres.


ConnectingUp 2007

Next week I’m off to ConnectingUp 2007 Conference. This is Australia’s premiere conference for Non Profit Technology ventures. And lucky for me it’s held in Adelaide.

I’ll be doing a bit of live blogging from the event from my phone so look out here for that or on Technorati for the cu07 tag.

If you are taking photos or blogging about the conference, use cu07 tag and keep an eye out on delicious for

I will be hanging in the ‘Starting your blog’ Part 1 workshop on day one giving my mate Mike Seyfang support and anyone a hand where needed.

Conference Scedule

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