Beetroot in Subway – are Subway now gonna charge extra?

Some recent comments on my Bring Beetroot Back to Subway meme so thought I’d update you all.

Jim loves Subway but not Beetroot.

  1. I love subway but beetroot sux. its messy and i hate it in my subway. adelaide has beetroot and never got rid of it but i wont be upset if it goes for good.Comment by Jim — August 7, 2007 @ 11:02 pm

Well at least Jim’s contributing. But I beg to differ. Subway did get rid of Beetroot from its’ stores for a period of time. That’s whe and why I started this whole Bring Beetroot Back thing.

Our anon-a-mouse friend BeetrootNowCostsExtra breaks the news to us that Subway, being the folks so in touch with their customers, are going to keep beetroot but start charging extra for it…..mmm…what a neat idea….make your customers pay extra to keep something you already get.

  1. From December 2007, Adding Beetroot to your subs will cost $0.30 extra on 6 inch subs and $0.60 extra on foot-long subs. At least in all the Subway stores I’ve been to have this “important” sticker about beetroot attached to their shop-windows.Comment by BeetrootNowCostsExtra — November 11, 2007 @ 6:53 pm

And Jim’s back, good on you Jim. While Adelaide *might* be only city with beetroot on Subways, I wonder why that is…hmmm?Anyway, good to see people having theconversation.
And I know from direct correspondence from franchisees that other states in Australia want it and have been asking.

  1. Subway is charging for Beetroot because all you greedy people have been asking for too much. The formula for beetroot is 3 cubes on a six inch and 6 cubes on a foot long. you all ruined it for every one….Now we have to pay. Also beetroot is only available in South Australia. No other city in the WORLD has it so you should be grateful we have it whether we have to pay for it or not.Comment by Jim — November 13, 2007 @ 10:04 pm

Well it’s great to see people having the conversation about even this relatively small topic in an open the long tail is long.

How much more fruitful it could be if Subway decided to wade in to the naked conversation. If they already aren’t as anon-a-mouse. Come on, get naked guys, we’ll respect you and your decisions a lot more for it.


Do Subway have a Clue about Beetroot?

Is Subway supressing customer feedback?
New Domain:

I was contacted off blog and alerted to the fact that Beetroot still wasn’t back on the menu in other Australian states, even though it has returned in South Australia.

My source commented that there was a “fight internally” going on within the global food franchise to get Beetroot back on the Australian menu.

“The complaint line at head office actually stopped taking calls about the issue because the volume was so high.” I was told.

Now I thought this would have been evidence enough to give the customers what they want. But obviously Subway are yet to get on the Cluetrain.

Wonder what people like Doc, Seth or Hugh would make of such a brilliant piece of company relations.

Google search: “subway beetroot

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Australia = Beetroot

Over at “The Helmut Post” blog, there’s a list titled “You know you’ve been in Australia too long when… … …

There’s some good points about what makes Australia what it is ……. but this is the best observation:

You expect all hamburgers must contain beetroot.

I was going to pick out a few really great ones but I couldn’t – they’re all great! If you need a good laugh shoot over there and have a read.

Here’s a selection of the ones involving food.

Whether it?s the opening of Parliament, or the launch of a new art gallery, there is no event which cannot be improved by the addition of a sausage sizzle or a barbecue.
You understand there isn’t a single food which cannot be improved by the application of tomato sauce.
You think the Alpha male in any group is he who takes the barbeque tongs from the hands of the host, and blithely begins turning the snags.
You like the beer served so cold it makes your ears hurt.
You think that smearing toast with a spread that?s black and salty, and which has the appearance of axle-grease, is a good way to start the day.
If invited to a party, you take cheap red wine, but then spend all night drinking the host?s beer. Don?t worry, he will have catered for it.
You don’t know what’s in a meat pie, and you don’t care.
You call soccer soccer, not football.You’ve ever sucked your coffee through a Tim Tam (for those who don’t know, a variety of chocolate biscuit, one allegedly “better than sex”).
You pledge allegiance to Vegemite over Promite.

And being immursed in citizen media I couldn’t but help thinking of Cam when I read this one:

If the bloke next to you is swearing like a wharfie, he’s probably a media billionaire. Or possibly a wharfie.

Beetroot is a safety hazard!

Had to warn everybody….. I’ve got the ‘inside goss’ as to why Beetroot and pineapple disappeared from Subway’s menus … it’s a SAFETY issue!

Over at my Bring Beetroot Back guestbook, Sarah says:

look i work at subway, beetroot left because it was a safety hazard it not only spreads germs but is easily slipped over if its dropped on the floor.

Geez. I didn’t realise it was so dire. Quick, everyone go to your fridge and pantry and toss out the beetroot and pineapple!

The story deepens:

see during peak hours we can adverage at some stores in the sydney area between the 5 people that are on 257 subs. we dont have time to be playing with the juice from the pineapple or beetroot, we swap our gloves every 3 subs because other wise we dont have time and god knows what u could be eating but the juice from these two can spread.

Ahhh….safety AND time. Saftey takes time you know and time = money!

It continues:

i personally love pineapple and cant believe it went but theres new and improved things coming out. trust me youll get over it have a nice day smile EAT FRESH

Trust me, I won’t.

beetroot is back!

VictoryBefore Everyone Eats This

I can harldy believe it! It seems Subway have finally come to their senses…..

A mate of mine, Wol, sent me an email to alert me…

“Hi DNW,

I just saw and ad from Subway about a new (limited time only) sub with beetroot!

well done!


Enjoy your Aussie Legend sub with beetroot – for a limited time only.”

So folks….go out and get your Aussie Sub with BEETROOT and give them a message to keep the beetroot for good!

the isthmus principle

a friend sent me some more information about that ingredient subway insist on leaving off their menu – beetroot.

in a column of ‘the peninsula’ magazine, titled ‘the truth about food’ –

Beta vulgaris: the common, vulgar beetroot, has been adopted by Australians as national food. People from other countries are always surprised to find the purpley-red stuff in our hamburgers, salads, and roasting in our Webers. One of the most versatile and healthy of vegetables, beetroots are packed with dietary fibre and folic acid and are a great source of antioxidants.”

again, we see it written that ‘other countries’ can’t understand that we’d want beetroot in our diets in Australia. well, hello! that’s exactly my point why we shouldn’t be told by ‘other countries’ what we like on our subs!

bring beetroot back!

show your support – sign my bring beetroot back guestbook.

i’ll gladly pay you tuesday

the age of the quality burger may soon pass

… such is the lament over at the sydney morning herald.

what’s going on? why should someone be contemplating such a dire prediction?

yes, it’s all about the ‘missing ingedient’beetroot

Kiriaki Orfanos sound a warning in the article that the absence of beetroot could cause the demise of a quality hamburger, just like i have been saying has happened already since subway took beetroot of their sub menus. and he should know that beetroot makes a good hamburger, he grew up selling them.

beetroot lovers unite!

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forget death and taxes, seems i can’t get away from work and lately. so much to do (blog), so little time.

kayla, over at devil’s playground seems to get it…or not get it – which is what we’re on about – “Why don’t Subway have beetroot?” she muses in this blog entry about things that keep her awake at night.

found out yesterday another friend from adelaide in times past has a blog.

remember ‘mac-backers’ paul?

must catch up with him. must get a life that lets me connect to people rather than machines yet still pays the bills. must stop must’ing. no wonder the words of a song got used as my email sig.

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there’s a hole in my bucket

i’m on a crusade. at present though it’s gone a bit quiet out on the frontier.

i was chatting with my mate mike seyfang today who dropped into work to catch up. mike and i go way back, but that’s another story. the point of that sentence was to say that while talking to mike about blogs, pods and rocket science i asked if he’d seen . he hadn’t!

this pointed out how my fight had gone dull. i had succummed to the words of pink flyod’s ‘wish you were here‘ … you know the line … “did you exchange, a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage”. i had to do something. blog it!

you see, basically it goes like this: i like beetroot, subway used to put beetroot on their subs (here in adelaide anyway), i used to eat subway, subway removed it (and pineapple) from their menu, the shop people told me it was due to an order from on high, i complained in email to subway, they ignored me, so i put up a web page, i stopped eating subway.

a longer version is on my ‘‘ page. and if you like beetroot (or pineapple) or just loathe it when big business economics dictate from the other side of the globe what it is you like to eat, please sign my guest book.

Update: My guest book got spammed so the link above goes to my blog where you can leave a comment.