Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-02

  • @fang Mate..wait to the lobster Killer scene in J&J .. try NOT to get Talking Heads stuck in your brain… in reply to fang #
  • Monday. Struggling. Slow. #
  • Trying to find a podcast feed I can stick in my catcher on "Gov 2.0 Radio" – failing. #
  • @WoollyMittens Hey mate.. you got home ok? in reply to WoollyMittens #
  • For sysadmins everywhere .. "xkcd: Devotion to Duty" #
  • @WoollyMittens yep, and mostly hot :) in reply to WoollyMittens #
  • Blackberry 7130G offers people with hearing disability Digital TTY/TDD #lk #
  • Lost a sock? … "RFID tracking system – Hack a Day" #
  • @fang .. a Plasma thingo? … "Basement fusion reactor – Hack a Day" #
  • To quote the Easybeats … "Coming tuesday I feel better"… #
  • Song lines: "If you were supposed to watch your mouth all the time I doubt your eyes would be above it" #lyriclines #
  • Song lines: "Languid mandalla of the ceiling fan
    Teases the air like a slow stroking hand" #lyriclines #
  • @kentnewsome Yep. Bruce is my main man! in reply to kentnewsome #
  • Trying to explain differences of Analog, SD & HD Digital TV to parents over skype. Involves lot of head shaking. #
  • The solitary thing from MSFT I wish OSX had is LiveWriter. #
  • Back on the phone roundabout over support for job… #
  • I swear the ratio of Job Services admin staff to actual ppl wanting jobs must be like 5000:1 #
  • Am pretty sure the govt. don't want me to work going by the barriers they're throwing in front of me. #
  • Talking to Julia Gillards office. #
  • This is serious folks. Everyones telling me because I don't get a Centrelink payment I cant get job support. No support no job. govt #fail #
  • @Tuna cant get to minister. want written. I gotta give employer answer. If cant get support cant take job. in reply to Tuna #
  • @fang I understand the big picture, you know I want it : but my big picture is no support=no job. No ifs or buts. Doing my best to get it. in reply to fang #
  • @Tuna Its more a complex system of small square holes that me being a round peg won't fit into. in reply to Tuna #
  • In Limbo #
  • Cleaning. Sorting. Backingup. #
  • Searching. Looking,. Reading. Not. Sleeping. #
  • Hmm.. Danglet works well on first try… promising: Lifekludger blog post to follow "danglet on Flickr – Photo Sharing!" #
  • updating lists. #
  • @SilkCharm They're in the last one you'll open :) in reply to SilkCharm #
  • Ooo..something went 'snap'. Wheelchair forward motion suspended. Circles ensuing. :( #
  • Taylor Swift song memes by icon – infographic [taylor-swift-infographic.png] [via @ccarfi] #
  • Tuning in to watch This Week in Google live #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • Boy dropped :( Dinner eaten :) Now lookin for somethin to watch :/ #
  • Even Big Ben's getting in on Valentine's day : RT @big_ben_clock: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? #
  • Neat: "YouTube – Lego Augmented Reality" #
  • @kentnewsome will grok this piece by @docsearls: "EOF – The Google Exposure | Linux Journal" #
  • slicing audio I shoulda done a long time ago. #
  • Linking In, Writing etc .. #
  • glad to see @fang come up for air! #
  • @scenariogirl So, I'll take it your mum wouldn't fit in on Twitter then :) in reply to scenariogirl #
  • Playing with Keynote #
  • @Tarale Wonder if "there's an app for that"? :) in reply to Tarale #
  • Hmm.. something tells me when the slidey bar on the revert box stops slideying, it's bad #
  • Govt needs to stop treating disability as a 'market' for their 'service economy' .. we are people not things BTW Human rights now! #4corners #
  • Ok, so I've watched two videos of the Windows Phone 7 Series .. but haven't actually seen it make a call. It is a phone, right? #WP7 #
  • For you @cait "Amazing Steampunk Camera Workstation" #
  • crawls onto the grid… #
  • RT @scenariogirl: Would love to hear from people who *don't* incorporate accessible design practices, and why :) #
  • Recharge mobile by Paypal … natty #
  • Oooo.. RT @UniversitySA: New UniSA [ergonomics] lab offers Asia Pacific a perfect fit, #
  • Off to the Riverside #
  • hmm..that went well. #
  • looking to pass 1.5hrs in city, wonder what @fang is up to #
  • nice catchup with @fang, now to pickup the boy 4 a t #
  • nice catchup with @fang, now to pickup the boy 4 a time @ the beach #
  • it's a bugga tweeting in moving van #
  • wordcamp why the word palindrome isn't a palindrome #
  • that first word shoulda been wondering not wordcamp – bad light, wm5 error #
  • boy dropped .. now we take the long way home #
  • @fang Rob Morrison #3/4 top 10 ozzie geek #
  • Congrats @cait @the_rooster @kdmurray for top 10 ozzie geeks – wired #
  • don't think I'm not here … #lurking #
  • Still expecting scheduled power out any moment. #
  • Hey…whats happened to my server … <goes investimagating> #
  • @delin Is she wearing frayed jean shorts or Jeans with big flares too? #70s <reminisces> in reply to delin #
  • Hmmm…"2010-02-18 00:29:06: Server Migration to EB." .. wonder what EB is…. #bluehost #
  • At Home #nogowalla #nofoursquare :) #
  • @Tarale Excess cows down there eh? lol in reply to Tarale #
  • @Tarale Rekon my theory sounded more exciting! :) #fartingcows in reply to Tarale #
  • chugga chug chugga chug .. <- the sound my computer would make merrily processing all it's doing right now .. it'd be a happy sound #
  • Great use of Talking Head's Psycho-Killer song in background of movie Julie & Julia….now that song's stuck in my head ! #
  • *waves* #
  • RU a Guitar Fan? RT @groverallman: We hit 300 followers we're giving away 100 FREE custom picks to a lucky fan! Only 125 more, RT to win! #
  • Lifekludger New post: Mobile Phone Physicality and Inverse Feedback for Input #
  • diving back into cascading css land for [hopefully] a short foray #
  • yes, I realise that the word 'cascading' was redundant in that context, but, hey, it's a fantastic word #
  • Cool, just received my National Library of Australia Library Card in the mail. Live in Aust?, you too can have one #nla #
  • gotta get to the bottom of what keeps killing my Finder #
  • oooo …. odiogo wp plugin causing my blog big upset not happies under Firefox … its basically broke #
  • hells bells. just found more stuff to fix. #
  • I'm using The Twit Cleaner to clean up my twitter. You should try it out here: #
  • Just read "Dense and Thick | the human network" – kudos Mr @mpesce #
  • @kentnewsome RT @dnwallace: New blog post: tuneglue #
  • Scouring for something to go see/do at the fringe this arvo… #adelaide #fringe 2 ideas out, no access… #
  • at the garden of UD #
  • at caos cafe for hypnolarious #fringe #

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Originally uploaded by dnwallace

So, I thought I’d checkout Son Volt [] after I started with Drive by Truckers and found out that via Two Cow Garage and The Bottle Rockets, that Son Volt was a common link between The BottleRockets and Drive by Truckers.

I figured as I like DBT that, even though I’d never, ever heard of any of these groups, a cross-link back to them oughtta be worth something.

I quite like thesound of Son Volt. I see why there was a link there.

I guess that’s how tuneglue works.

via Lifehacker



Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

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Mystery Tool #1

Mystery Tool #1

Originally uploaded by dnwallace

Anyone know what this tool is used for?
A friend has had it in his drawer over 20years and we can’t figure it out.
The long shaft rotates and turns the inner dial. The outer dial turns also, slower than the inner.
Whole thing is about length of your hand.
Made by Starrett in USA –

Mystery Tool #3

Mystery Tool #2

UPDATE: Answer Found

I received response from email I left with the Starrett people. They sent me a pdf of instructions, some of which I reproduce here:


The #104 (black body) and the 4107 (nickel body) speed indicators are inexpensive units for checking the RPM’s of a machine spindle, shaft, wheels and similar applications. This is accomplished by placing the point on the end of a shaft and counting the number of revolutions of the dial.

The #104 can be used for up to 200ORPM. When the point is applied to a revolving shaft, the inner disc is held from turning by firmly pressing on the raised knob with the thumb or forefinger. Then by releasing, the pressure at the time the knob on the outer dial coincides with the knob being held, the disc will revolve. Every 100 revolutions of the spindle is counted by feeling the inner knob pass under the thumb or forefinger. Timing the number of revolutions for a minute will give the RPM.

The #107 is similar to the #104, except it can be used for higher speeds because the revolutions are automatically counted up to 5000. The large outer dial has one hundred graduations, each representing one revolution of the spindle. The smaller inner dial has 50 grooved lines on its face, each representing 100 revolutions of the spindle (or one complete turn of the large dial). A spring, finger attached to the case engages with one of the grooved lines of the small dial, preventing the dial from revolving until the large dial makes one complete turn. With each complete turn of the large dial, the knob trips the spring finger and the small dial moves along to the next grooved line, thus showing that 100 revolutions of the spindle have been made. One complete revolution of the small dial indicates 5,000 revolutions of the spindle. These speed indicators were made from before 1900 until approximately 2006.

It would not be possible to date these as there was very little change throughout this time.

Thanks to the Starrett people.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • Just discovered John Callahan thru this vid : – Instant affinity! [sensibility warning] #
  • In bed, watching Black Adder … Darling #
  • @mpesce @trib So what's the term for the person who's reader/writer? pfkata? in reply to mpesce #
  • @fang Wish I was there … in reply to fang #
  • Run outta things to listen to. Looking for new podcast adventures to listen to. #
  • Installing Win7 on Virtualbox on Mac … because I can :) #
  • Lifekludger New post: Wireless door access TI watch #
  • The hard to find missing words "under the VirtualBox VM menu go to Devices and install Guest Additions. " Thnx #
  • @VinceOZ Working good under Sun Virtualbox so far. in reply to VinceOZ #
  • Lifekludger New post: Wireless door access TI watch #
  • Someone got me to be watching China Beach again .. bringing up all kinds of thoughts, feelings .. haunting. You bugga Jen :-) #
  • Playing [successfully] with Win7 on Virtualbox – If there's one reason why I'd defect to Win7, it'd be LiveWriter. #
  • @mpesce By sound of it tethering is one thing that is done better with oz comms carriers than the US in reply to mpesce #
  • Hmmm… #
  • @delin Correct Andy, it's Win(generic) in reply to delin #
  • Listening to RanchoCast : RT @kentnewsome: New Blog Post: RanchoCast 02/01/10: #
  • @fang Showing off what? A 5 second table glance? Or was it the Shozu/ biz that was the point? in reply to fang #
  • at glenelg foreshoe w the boy #
  • Watching FlossWeekly on TWiT and see this that @fang might like #
  • Lifekludger New post: iTouch iStick iKludge #
  • Photohunt. yesah.. :) #
  • In Horizontal HQ awaiting wc repairs … #
  • Mmmm .. wheels are back. Freedom again. (things are relative folks) #
  • So, apparently http://to. is a url shortner and http://to./iu6 should go to Lifekludger #
  • @scenariogirl Depends where each celebrity falls on the net worth:media scale eh? in reply to scenariogirl #
  • Booking Fringe Tickets … #
  • @cait would be into this at the Fringe "STEAMPUNK BALL ~ THE MAIDEN FLIGHT OF THE OLYMPIA: 27 FEB, 13 MAR" #
  • Oh, looky there … The new facebook layout looks just like a Blog! #
  • Cool: "Singapore: University + Twitter = Twuniversity | Laurel Papworth" #
  • @Tarale Fantastic work! in reply to Tarale #

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Affinity, Humanity and Disability.

Screen shot 2010-02-01 at 5.39.01 PM

The other day whilst reading a feed somewhere in my hundreds, I came across a link to a video .. this video in fact :

I instantly felt a recognition and affinity and especially wth the subtleties in the kaos (yes, oh yes, there’s subtleties), so much so it sent me hunting for more. I found it’s a creation by John Callahan who has a wikipedia entry here.

If anybody really knows me they’ll see why I like this so much. Some, like the person who complained about the ‘insensitivity’ of the cartoon shown above, won’t see anything, as they really don’t wish to see the reality of humanity in all its raw openness anyway.

You see I realise the affinity I felt was with John’s humanness, not specifically his disability.

I’m not gonna say much more except this guy has insights only other quads could recognise and does a bloody fine job pointing out some of the idiocy anyone with a disability lives around and through. A true artist.

Here’s links to some of his other stuff worth a watch:

Interview snippett

Part 1 of a tv documentary shown on Dutch TV:

and his other ‘Quads’ animated cartoon series

and his songs on youtube

For many years I’ve had an image in my head of an absurd cartoon that I’ve just been waiting for opportunity to be drawn. It’s the kind of image I think someone like John would appreciate and could really do justice – If there ever was such a thing in this world.