Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Lifekludger New post: Make Open source hardware list 2009 #
  • Rotten connection still, Ping times shot to hell & packet loss. All plans reverted till tomorrow…then make some calls. #not #happy #jan #
  • So, badlink report: blamed on RIM (probably correctly) now gotta jump thru hoops to get test done. Here's synopsis: On a RIM? YOUR STUFFED! #
  • @fang Better than other things emanating from there! Welcome @theyakhimself in reply to fang #
  • Reported bad connection and it seems to have cleared up.. weirdness #
  • @triplej stream can't cope .. tuning in on the *radio* <gasp> #
  • Out of 50 of @triplej #hottest100 I've only known 1 ! Oh boy I must be old. :) #
  • Got a free mp3 music track with my packet of Smiths Chicken chips – bewty : #
  • Neat – "Make: Online : ASCII heart necklace" #
  • @delin Ooo. that ascii movie project sounds interesting. in reply to delin #
  • ".. we see the shift. It used to take effort to be public. Today, it often takes effort to be private." [@zephoria] #
  • Lifekludger New post: Mac Tutorial Video Subtitles #
  • "We should be seeking to foster play in our information policy; it is a structural condition of human flourishing." #
  • "We’re analog in important ways." : Julie Cohen on networked selves : via @dweinberger #
  • #
  • Appts @ rah done with, heading home. #
  • thinking about getting a chat on the dog with @fang a bit later this arvo #
  • @fang Skype's good in reply to fang #
  • Nice chat catching up with @fang .. had no problems 'engaging' :) #
  • Thinking I'd like to strap one of these to my wheelchair : "i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Logger" – Any sponsors? #play #
  • @fang Form submitted :) #
  • @jobsworth Me. Both are capacitive touch. Then again, I'm not representative of the 'norm'. :) in reply to jobsworth #
  • @jobsworth Been there w stylus. Issue is they require skin touch. Ideally we need a alternate solution from material science field I think. in reply to jobsworth #
  • Tired. Funny that. #
  • RT @Ihnatko: Lunching west of the Park and reading mail on my iPad Nano. Er, I mean, my iPhone. #
  • Tired [understatement] of Safari lockups under SnowLeopard … giving Firefox a whirl again. #
  • 'Intuition is reason in a hurry' #
  • Woah, the embeded song was just the right length reading "Newsome.Org" : Wonder if @kentnewsome planned that. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • Lifekludger New post: One Touch Automatic Jar Opener « – The latest gadgets reviews and gadget shop #
  • Of @kentnewsome's Five Indisputable Tech Facts for 2010, I like "Facebook is the new AOL" best! #
  • Hmmm… an #evernote update. Wonder if they've listened to @kentnewsome's pleas (not holding breath) #
  • "Morgan Stanley predicts that within 5 years more users will tap into the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs" #
  • Amazing correlation in this post of Doc Searls to Australia's Censored Internet .. must read for #nocleanfeed #
  • Lifekludger New post: Blow scrolling #
  • gday world..from my chrome address bar #
  • @jobsworth Does the meetup go for 140 minutes? :-) in reply to jobsworth #
  • @jobsworth I'm well thanks. Would welcome some direction, but I'm well, so that's good. in reply to jobsworth #
  • Back home from dropping the boy off … school holidays over for Dad :/ #
  • Lifekludger New post: Miniguru keyboard #
  • xkcd – Dirty Harry – :-) #
  • "No Spitting on the Bus" – Steve Gibbons – vid: – It's odd what comes to mind when tired but not sleepy #
  • Wow. Painting pyramids sans paint. "YouTube – sony bravia colours – pyramids tv advert" [hattip @vinbrown] #
  • 1 in 1,73 billion – does that make you feel special? : "Internet 2009 in numbers | Royal Pingdom" #
  • Having to learn php because developers won't respond to simple mod requests to their products to make them better & my life easier. #
  • I reckon Real Programmers like Real Nurses are born not made – I'm neither. #
  • Having to go to FB is a pita. Wish I could just get the Live Feed out into my twitter app. #
  • Gonna try a diff dsl modem see if I can wring some more speed outta this ancient pair of wires in the ground. bbl. #
  • I'm back. Erg, no better. Moving to Plan C #

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quote content-o-net

“And that’s how we get the American Cinternet. Don’t encircle it yourself. Get the feds to make ISPs into liable intermediaries forced to practice “self discipline” the Chinese way: a “graduated response” that encircles the Net, reducing it to something less: a spigot of filtered “content” that Hollywood approves. Television 2.0, coming up.

Maybe somebody can draw us the Content-o-net”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

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