Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • RT @Wolfie_Rankin: A friend of mine told me he's doing a Bigpond/SL story for ACA. #
  • Well, there was plenty of it at the Farewell Party :) RT @Wolfie_Rankin: @dnwallace I'm sure they can squeeze out a bit more dirt somewhere. #
  • Checking out: Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen #
  • @kerryank Ask @fang in reply to kerryank #
  • Good lecture to OTs @unisa this morning followed by lunch with @fang .. #
  • email from youtube that audio apple supplied in iPhoto on a movie of my own snaps exported from iPhoto may violate copyright! #copyright #
  • @chryblnd RT @Wolfie_Rankin: "I'm fed up with you lot and I'm leaving… forever!" *slam* "I mean it" *slam*: #
  • Just got to a blog comment that appears a thinly veiled self-promo – getting more difficult to differentiate authentic from gamer … #
  • @fang Disruption? in reply to fang #
  • EPOC thought control headset is available to ship by Dec 21st-NOT in Europe and Australia [thought was dev in Aus??] : #
  • "He's an Ideas man, Steve" #thecastle #
  • @myen WebKit plug-in that prevents automatic loading of Adobe Flash content.- Click To Flash – #
  • @myen WaveAgent – #
  • Enjoying the Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody via @kentnewsome #
  • Wow: RT @AppleMacNews: Apple Records Nearly Half of U.S. PC Desktop Retail Industry Revenue: Betanews report #
  • headsup fro doing some bloggy work. #
  • wishing some clever material scientists would get smart with something other than just conducting touch from your skin #

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Me, We and the Network – shout-out

On of my ‘Network‘ friends, Nancy White, from Full Circle Associates in the States, has been out here in Australia doing some presentations. Here’s a snippet where my ‘We‘ friend Mike Seyfang and I get a shout-out in her Keynote at the Learning Technologies 2009 Conference held this week in Qld.

It makes me think a lot about what I said regarding Social Isolation over on my Lifekludger blog recently.

Shout-out by Nancy White

Nancy White
Keynote: Me, We and the Network
Learning Technologies 2009 Conference

The power of you – or of me, is mighty. But when and how do we tap into the power of “we” – bounded groups, or networks which flow beyond our personal lines of sight. What practices enable us to utilise the power across these three forms?

Learning Technologies 2009 Conference Podcasts from both days available now at

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

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Telstra Bigpond withdrawing from Second Life

A friend of mine sent me the following notice sent to BigPond Residents in Second Life:


Dear Residents, Vendors and Guests,

Telstra BigPond would like to thank you for participating in Second Life through BigPond. Our creative experience with Second Life has been very rewarding for both BigPond and our members. We’re constantly looking for ways to take advantage of the latest social media trends, however, our focus is moving towards entertainment options that are gaining in popularity on computers, mobile phones, TVs and game consoles.

From December 16 you will still be able to continue your Second Life experience directly through Linden Lab at but no longer through the BigPond portal.

This will also mean that all Second Life use will go towards your download limits given that the BigPond islands currently unmetered for BigPond customers are closing. Please note that this may put you over your plan download limit sooner than you were expecting.

Please contact our in-world Social Operations Manager Peta Philbin if you have further questions and she will provide information and/or BigPond Support personnel to assist you.

Again, we hope that you continue to enjoy your Second Life experience and keep checking back at for other exciting BigPond services.


The BigPond Team

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

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