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Interesting what vanity searches turn up sometimes. Often lead you to services and sites either never seen or long forgotten.

A link to me turned up in my email this morning pointing to the Flickr search tool over at HiveMind [].

It does really fast searches on tags, interestingness, user, contacts and allows searching by license too, which makes it a great tool to find Creative Commons materials.

Check it out.


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An Everyday Christmas Hope

cutlerythe old man carried the tray of food,
his spritliness and white tennis sneakers
belying his age by cardigan, hearing aid and grey hair.
he found a table and after orientating the tray
he glanced for the woman who’s food was at the other end.
then seemingly as a first instinct, naturally,
he unwrapped the paper napkin
wrapped tightly around the plastic cutlery
and placed them, precisely, intentfully
at the other end of the tray.

at that moment, I secretly hoped
that the subtle things from previous generations
that speak of love
wouldn’t be lost in the cacophony
of a food hall on christmas eve

Geezers play Hilton RSL

Went to Christmas music extravaganza put on by my mate Mike’s band Geezers (as in old). Great fun time.


Now the secrets. Enjoy!… or in Mike’s case ‘suffer in ya jocks’. :-)

More Photos on Flickr

Photos posted to Twitter from my phone – one, two.


And finally, some audio captured off my Camera. Two and a half songs: geezers version of “eight days a week” then some noise and @fang filling in with strumming while tracking a sound fault (or maybe that *was* thesound fault), then “everywhere you go you always take the weather”, just for UncleNick, and half of “sunny afternoon”. It’s all unedited, use your FF button.

Raw audio here – listen at own risk.


We’re a net, and we have chosen

all my internet friendsLyrics

Amanda French wrote a very melodic and nice song inspired by her Internet friends – aptly titled “all my internet friends“.

It’s a witty song, and I guess to many that’s all it will be, which is fine, however to me it somehow seems very poignant.

I think it holds within it two lines that are a beacon to the spirit of what a lot of people perceive with their being, yet are unable to encapsulate and articulate.

The first : “Saying Love and information want only to be free” – is a wonderful statement which injects humanity into the information age – putting love in its rightful place – the basis on what connection is about.

The second line that hit me was “We’re a net, and we have chosen; To be knotted tightly to each other” – which focuses directly on what the net really is – US, WE, the PEOPLE. This is why the net has real power, because it’ not about computers and wires and screens. It’s about flesh and blood. This sent me immediately to thinking “I reckon that’s what Doc Searls is really saying about it being the world live web“. Not just live as in immediate though, live as in not dead, living.

So listen and listen to the song and read the lyrics, but beyond that feel the spirit of it.

Thanks Amanda, thanks all my Internet friends.



I feel strong because
All my internet friends are here with me 
Saying Love and information want only to be free
And we’ll take no crap from anyone who says that they know better
We won’t stand for that because we all came here together 
We’re remaining interwoven

We’re remaining interwoven
We’re a net, and we have chosen
To be knotted tightly to each other
You be client, I’ll be server 
We won’t ever have to be alone”
cc cc Amanda French