A Giant Zero kinda experience


“The Net is a giant zero. It puts everybody zero distance from everybody and everything else.” — Doc Searls

I think it’s a Giant Zero kinda experience on the Live Web when this happens :


“The Net is a giant zero. It puts everybody zero distance from everybody and everything else.” — Doc Searls

Roy’s Because Effect

UPDATE: Roy was interviewed on the show about Visual Facilitation – see the youtube video here.

My mate Roy Blumenthal from South Africa, who is the man behind my portrait on my lifekludger blog, has scored himself a gig as a weekly co-anchor of CNBC AFRICA’s business magazine show, ‘Kaleidoscope‘ where he employs his visual facilitation skills to draw the info under discussion live on screen on his tablet pc.

While Roy’s talent is undisputed, I rekon this is a great example of the “Because Effect” (as termed by Doc Searls) as an indirect outcome of Roy’s digital networked life of openness.In the connected network world,  the Because Effect feeds on openness. And it’s more than an API.

Kudos Roy.


Burma Shave

I read the xkcd comic strip, I receive it through my rss reader, ever sinceI think my friend JP wrote something about it. Now, I’ll admit that sometimes I just don’t get it. Sometimes I think it’s because I’m too dumb, too old, or too tired. Often it’s none of those but more a factor of culture clash – I might live in geek-dom but not in the USofA-dom.

So, anyway I just had to show this one, as it left me totally in that grey, blank place described above. So I hit google and found out about Burma Shave on wikipedia, then hit google image search for some examples.


See original comic at xkcd site here.

What’s really clever about this is the alt text that pops up if you hover over the image – which is why I took a screen dump f it rather than just show the original comic without it.

“If long tool tips / cut off for you / then upgrade from / Firefox 2 / Burma Shave”

Smart, very smart.

So, being in the mood I tweeted this – you need to read from the bottom up:


some days I read
it takes forever
is just so clever
Burma Shave


Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives Podcast, #055 up

The latest “Extraordinary Everyday Lives” Podcast, #055, is up over here at the TPN blog.
On it Mike and I are joined by Michael Specht to discuss the activities that were undertaken by those people in and around in our social network space to bring awareness of anxiety and depression for the month of October and in particular Oct 10, World Mental Health day. Michael setup BlueDay2008.org to aggregate activities and we talk about how that went. We then talk about fish bowls, trading freedoms – locally / globally – and what we do to stay sane.
Check it out.

cc Flickr photo above by ashleyrosex


When I think about this day I think this is the thing I most want to see spread.

Hug someone on Blueday … you never know how much difference it could make.

Please feel free to use this if you want to send it to someone…anyone…everyone.

Happy Blueday 2008



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Incandescent Blue in October – Between a laugh and a Tear

October is Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day.

Expect to see lots of Blue.

A lot of my Twitter friends are already turning blue and are doing various things, calling it Blueday2008 and
using the hashtag.

bb band again

I’m never one for jumping on bandwagons for the sake of it. Like these wristbands you see everywhere for instance. But I wear a BeyondBlue wristband, constantly. If you’ve got one, or see one, you might like to take a photo of it and put it on flickr and add it to the group I started there.

I also made a T-shirt for your Second Life Avatar, if you feel so inclined. You can pick one up from here as part of the Blueday2008 event in Second Life.

Beyond Blue - TSHIRT Dave Koi

While there you might like to have a look at/in my sculpture / artwork in there called Ocean of Tears , which, though I started long ago, have been spurred on to complete at, and release on a time like this.

I wrote before in this blog post here why I’d be interested, and in fact why I am doing this stuff.

All this Incandescent Blue, and the iTunes Genius gave me a music list to write this post to.

As long as we are talking about it – What do you do to stay sane?





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venturousaustralia.com.au is go


When the Review of the National Innovation System was released last month we thought it was worth talking about on our podcast. So Myself, Mike and Laurel hooked up, to be joined during the show by Kristin.

I had created a aggregated feed around the topic using Yahoo Pipes and pimped it on Twitter and through our blogs. During the podcast we talked about the desire to extend the conversation around the Review. Right there and then we found the domain ventureaustralia.com.au was available and Laurel snapped it up for us to do something on.

A big focused was on the report being released initially locked down in PDF format. We tossed around the idea of setting up a site and posting each part of the Review in it. Since then it’s now been unlocked and released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Which is good to see.

cc image

I tossed around ideas of how to make better use of the aggregated pipe feed at the new domain. I contemplated turning every feed article into a blog post at the site, but in a sense that would just be centralising the debate. So I hit on the idea to parse the pipe through something that simpified the pipes layout, bought it under the venturousaustralia.com.au domain and added ability to promote sharing. A kludged Simplepie implementation was what I stumbled on.

See the results at http://venturousaustralia.com.au


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