Mark Pesce feed munger

After chasing all the places Mark Pesce chooses to write his missives, a tweet sent by @stilgherrian this morning asking Mark if he had a feed which gathers his writings from all the places it’s thrown spurred me on to creating one.

So this evening I threw together a yahoo pipe of Mark’s feeds.

Get it how you like it here or if you want, the rss here.



Mark posts :

Sanity returns.


Hyperlocal signals

Just documenting a very provisional thought.
I’ve been wondering a lot lately about any connection (or overlap) between Linda Stone’s idea of a cultural swing back to the individual as centre of gravity, Mark Pesce’s ‘Hyper <everything> People” and Stowe Boyd’s recent beginning of /Ground.

Something like “Hyperlocalism” perhaps that goes deeper, is individual, and beyond, just news?

Just thoughts.

Linda Stone :
Hyper People :
/Ground :
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