Saturdays of Sheds, Junk and Cassette Tapes

So, I spent most all of today sorting, cleaning and tossing stuff out me shed.

As part of the ruthless cull I packed away in a box over 100 cassette tapes that I hadn’t listened to for over 10 years…no over 15 probably. I’m giving them away.

But of them there was some I just couldn’t part with and so kept them aside and made a list to see if I could get them digitally as I never listen any other way than through my computer. It was always a pain before digital computer based music for me anyway as I had to have someone put tapes in/out for me.

So as I was typing out the list of must keeps, I thought I’d share it here. Most of these were taped off albums (yes kiddies, real black vinyl ones with little grooves) which have long since left my shores. If you hadn’t noticed, the 70’s feature heavily … go figure :)

Cassettes: artist-album;s (no particular order)

simon and garfunkel-central park
eagles-hotel california; the long run
alan parsons project
paul young
tex don and charlie-sad but true
bob seger
the daisy heads-demo
stevie wonder-hotter than july
pink foyd-the wall
randy stonehill-love beyond reason; between the glory and the flame
robbie robertson
the violet burning
hoi polloi
rick elias
pete townshend and ronnie lanerough mix
spinning john-casual
t rex-electric warrior
stevie wright
ozark mountain daredevils-it’ll shine when it shines; nuclear fishin
moody blues-long distance voyager
joe cocker-mad dogs and englishmen
supertramp-breakfast in america
cold chisel-breakfast at sweethearts
van morrison-wavelength
steve gibbons-down in the bunker
margaret becker-the reckoning; never for nothing
goanna-spirit of place; oceania
bruce cockburn-christmas 1991; 1992; a humans/internet tribute
redgum-caught in the act; virgin ground; frontline
lynard skynard-second helping
doobie brothers
talking heads-more songs about buildings and food; little creatures
nitty gritty dirt band-gold from dust
breakfast with amy
lou reed-new york


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ConnectingUp 2008 yahoo pipe feed

Seeing I won’t be there I’ve created a yahoo pipe to track activity at ConnectingUp 2008 Conference.I’m using the tag ‘cu08’ and as suggested by @kanter following the #cu08 hashtag for twitter.Feed published at this link here.Dave

Welcome to Australia Beth

Was tracking Beth Kanter‘s journey via Skype, Twitter Qik on her way to ConnectingUp 2008 Conference in Brisbane.

Followed a Twitter on Sat afternoon that she was streaming live on Qik – unfortunately she quickly experienced the bottleneck that exists to any serious entry of Australia participating the Information Economy – our network access.

Beth Qik Oz 2
Click here for full image of above.


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Pre Budget 2008 comment and photo for Advertiser Newspaper

Was asked to give comment pre-budget on what I wanted from the budget.

I’m never good at the one-line message that newspapers seem to want, I have trouble encapsulating all my thoughts in a short space, so I rambled on a bit and they picked something out that I guess they thought relevant.

David - Newspaper snipped.jpg

The photographer was great. Used a Canon EOS-1D Mark II N. Original colour shots are here and here.