Second Life performance of The Wall by Pink Floyd


I was awake at 5am the other morning so I could go to a artistic performance in Second Life.

The performance was of Pink Floyd’s The Wall concert set to the original music from The Wall.

And it was spectacular. It is so popular we had to be there an hour before start to make sure we could get into the sim.
The group who put it together used particles, objects moving, photos and digital puppets all coreographed the the soundtrack to great effect by the CARP team.

During the performance the wall was slowly built until the climax at end when at the crowds shouting “Tear Down The Wall” saw the wall of bricks all tumble down at which point everyone was invited to go dance on the bricks.

It was at hat point you got to see just how big a stage it was. These bricks were huge.

Interestingly we were told to turn the music stream on beforehand and leave it on and not pause it or it would then be out of sync with the performance. It reminded me of just how much we a still at the infancy stage of the virtual world emergence – a sense of almost analog linear performance in a totally digital environment.

Brilliant stuff. See the slideshow on Flickr below.

Flickr set:

Found this great slideshow of the event on the second arts blog:

Peace – Dave

More thoughts on People and Networks

More on the idea of people networks, Chris Carfi writes on his blog this excellent thought :

Networks don’t have people. People have networks.:

Networks don’t have people.  People have networks.” – Demian Entrekin

In it he has some key thoughts from others including Doc Searles (writes), Dave McClure (writes)and Kevin Werbach (brings it home).

The right point of integration is around the individual.  Each of us is the center of our own universe.


(image credit goes to the inimitable david armano.  cross-posted to the conversation hub.)

It’s about the people, people.


Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives #045 : get naked with biff, is out

Extraordinary Everyday Lives show #45 – GetNaked with biff

This show we are joined by Richard Birkin (biff) from Naked. Biff is from Derby, England.

Biff outlines the Naked ideas and how it works and the ‘kernel’ of what the service offers. We talk about closed being the new open, notions of privacy and trust. There’s lotsa banter and ideas about what we as people want in our lives and how technology needs to meet that – and biff seems to take copious notes on applying all our ideas into Naked [poor guy].