Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives Podcast up #41

EELS41 Thu 7 Feb 2008 – Ajay Ranipeta – Laurel driving

Get the show here – The Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show #041 – 1:15:18; 25.9Mb

Extraordinary Everyday Lives show #41 – Thursday 7th Feb 2008

In this first show for 2008 Laurel Papworth is handed the reigns to drive the show and brings a guest Ajay Ranipeta to have a chat. Ajay talks about Bio Informatics while as usual everyone else goes off on other interesting tangents. It’s all good info. and good fun though.

If any of you would like to do the same and bring a guest on the show and have a go at hosting, please send us an email – see contacts in the sidebar of the blog.