Linux Conference Australia and Second Life

I got an email about the Linux Conference being held in Melbourne later this month. There will be events also happening simultaneously in Second Life. The irc channel for the conference will be relayed in Second Life for participants to be able to take part via irc in world. See links with SLURL below.

Here’s the email:

Hello folks

The Linux Conference Australia will be running from 28 January to 2 February.

The Education Mini-conference will be held over Sunday 27 January(live only)
and Monday 28 January (live and online)

Feel free to

* check out the Secondlife facet of the education event.
Timetable and information about how to log on to
Feel free to come along to a single session or to stay longer.
You will be able to participate using the Second Life text chat.

* invite Melbournites to the Open Day
The Open Day will be 12-4pm Saturday 2 February(live)

* forward this to other folks who may be interested in participating online.

Thanks to Kerry Johnson for a recording device and
Dave Wallace for Second Life suggestions.


From the conference wiki, locations in Second Life:


SL Venues with IRC bridge

Thanks to Ash Qin and Artex Panther for help with the irc bridge on

This venue is open and has the irc bridge enabled currently.

This venue is open bridge is not enabled.

This venue will be open on 28 January IRC bridge is enabled.

Mini-Conference wiki

Trams, form and function.

Finally got a decent day and the right access to my boy and the right time to pay a visit to the Tram Museum on the weekend. Was a good day and it’s well worth a visit.

St Kilda Tram Museum - E

I was struck by the four examples that were out and running on the day. Ranging from the early to mid/late 1900s you could see the utilitarian nature of the vehicles grow over time. Not a huge amount had really changed in undercarriage and even the materials were pretty much standard fare through the time span. What was obvious was the attention to detail and the pride and workmanship that went into them.

I mean the older trams showed attention paid to such things as lead light glass window panes bearing the symbol of the tramways; brass fittings and ornate decoration. It was obvious that it was designed and built by crafstmen, people with passion, character. And at a time when these things were actually valued.

And that character was evident in the creation.

St Kilda Tram Museum

Maybe in this day and age of everybody production and publishing; continuous partial attention, fast change and the proliferation of stripped down simplification we would do well to look at the finer, subtle nuances some aspects of things from the past hold as lessons for us. Things that talk of passion, craft and focus of attention – in all things we create, virtual, physical or social.

St Kilda Tram Museum

Form not just function.

Lifekludger pointer

I see JP pointed to Lifekludger here on a recent post of his about my testing Pointui in a post he titled ”
Freewheeling about visualisation and manipulation tools and support for diversity“.

He picked up on a Tweet I left ;

“dnwallace : tryin out Pointui on WM5 and liking it. Finally, ‘touch’ features without a finger –

There’s too much to say than I have time right now, this is just to point you onto the lifekludger blog rather than here.

More to say on the subject later…over on Lifekludger.