Re-Making History

hgv2.gifA few months ago, while on a diversion not usually seen here, I wrote about the ”History of Disability in South Australia” site we’d just opened at work. It came after a whirlwind of activity that turned into a marathon of cutting features to meet deadline. At that time I hinted at some of the features missing that I didn’t get a chance to impliment.Well I’m pleased that the site has been revamped and now is more representative of my original vision.

History v2 incorporates a lot of the features to enable participation in the site, including:

.search function
.comments on every article
.tags on each article linking to other resources
.inclusion of images relevant to what’s being viewed
.enhanced image viewing
.faster page loading of images
.improved topics page linking to tags
.rss feeds

Now, for a rehash of all the other sites into something that offers a platform for participation and conversation in information provision.


September Collisions

fallout.jpgIt’s strange how things happen. I could be cynical and say it’s strange how things conspire against you. Moreso though it’s strange the collisions that happen in one’s life. Often it’s almost a cosmic thing.

Take today. It’s the 26th anniversary (memorial) of my accident. I wrote about celebrating the quarter century of survival here last year. I meant what I said then, this year it’s harder. I don’t know why, maybe something cracked and things are leaking out.

A quote stuck in my brain comes to mind that maybe describes how I feel :

“today there was no bomb scare…just the reality that something exploded long before we knew it, and now we are living in the fallout“.

That one is from Larry Norman, from the liner notes of his album “In Another Land“. I just looked at that album (Vinyl) here in my room to confirm that quote, guess when it was written – September 1975

And so it was, I was wondering yesterday what to say to mark the day, and I awoke to my friend’s facebook status feed to read :

“Frank Arrigo is excited devo is playing at The Fair”.

Devo was big in the early eighties, especially the hit “Whip It“. In 1981 my friend used to play it over and over in his car. Without prejudice to Frank or Devo, it’s a little known fact that that song was most likely playing full bore at the moment of my September 19, 1981 collision.

Just like John Lennon said : “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

So, here I am, in the fallout of September collisions.


* Fallout pic by niznoz from Flickr

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Saw UncleNick had a post with a flickr photo taged “iworkontheweb” … here’s mine.


Not only do I work on the web, I wouldn’t be able to work too well without it. Even though I have tele-worked since before the web was open, it’s made it so much easier. If you want to know a bit more you can start here, here, here, or here.

If you work on the web and feel so inclined, do a post of your own, with a photo on flickr and tag it iworkontheweb for the group on flickr.


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