Billboards have ears in Second Life

Punching more holes in the semi-permeable membrane, along the road to the singularity, Second Life has Contextual Advertising.

“A ContextAds board listens to the conversations of those avatars around it, displaying advertisements when certain keywords are mentioned. Advertisers can bid on keywords, with their account only being charged when their ads are actually shown. Avatars can click on advertisements of interest to them, and can be offered a website, or a teleport to an in-world location.”

[contextads via adverlab via twitter of jj]

twitter fragmentation

I like Kent Newsome. Besides the fact he has good taste in the blogs he reads (mine!), he seems to carve out his own way amongst the goat tracks on paddock blogosphere and stick to it.

Recently he developed another of his own guides to direct his twitter use and is only going to follow twitter conversations of people who follow his own. A fair idea I reckon. He calls it his ‘Pink Floyd Policy‘.

I love Pink Floyd. As it turns out, Kent has hit on a theme song I’ve aquired since my accident, albeit in a different context. But I digress.

Twitter. I’m not signing up for twitter – yet. You may’ve seen I wrote that I’m watching my friends twitter away, including Kent, and that it’s a shame that I cannot see what one of my real, not-twitter friends is saying simply because according to twitter I’m not her friend!

So, in a sense, I’ve created my own twitter policy and it revolves around not fragmenting my life any further than it already is. You could call in my ‘Brain Damage‘ policy. I’d rather think of it as ‘Breathe‘.

You see, I realised something today. It became clear when typing in google chat to one of my very good real-life friends who, although living nearby, we can’t seem to syncronise calendars to meet up. She made the comment something about having no life yet still can’t get to see me. I returned that my time is so fragmented currently that my life’s not a life. I recorded in my google notebook :



So, for now, I’m resolved not to sign up for twitter, even though I see it has potential – even as a ‘signal filter’ too. But let it be known, I’m the one making the policy and hereby reserve the right to re-make it later. But this is not easy for me, being the alpha-geek I am. This is no easy line in the sand I’m drawing.

So Kent, here’s my Nod. I can hear you. If you can’t hear what I’m saying, it’s because my lips are not moving. I am still home. We all don’t have to live in the same home (silo) to communicate effectively.



Exceptional grace

In so many ways, this is a masterful expression of existence by Doc, if for no other reason than its succinct treatment of a complex subject.

The older I get, the more I see life as the exception rather than the rule. Those gone outnumber those here, all of whom will live one speck of time in an unimaginable abundance of it — on a sphere so small and remote from others like it that nothing in our bodily experience gives us a scale to measure the exceptional grace of mere existence.

Thanks Doc


Just watching my friends twitter feeds makes me tired.

Because I’m not watching them as a twitter user they don’t know.

Be afraid.


PS: Does this mean I have no recognition or anything useful to say?

PPS: Because I’m not a twitter user and one of my friends has a closed list, does this mean twitter is a silo or maybe a ‘clique’?