Bruce Sterling in one day

One days take-aways from one days reading and listening crammed inbetween one days travel and one days work.

Bruce Sterling @ IDEA 2006

* architectures of participation
* mass dis-intermediated production
* participative information architecture
* If you cut up the present, the future bleeds through. (William Burroughs)

Bruce Sterling @ SXSW 2007

socially motivated commons based peer production
* granular
* modular
* integratable

* self-selectable
* in/out mechanism – membrane of differentiation
* communication
* trust construction

Right on!

Suffolk ‘n’ Cool Second Life T-shirts

sfncSo here’s how a net works.

Mike emailed me about Peter Clitheroe ( saying he’s a mate of Pete Cogle ( and how he was heard on his podcast talking about having tshirts in Second Life and needing a hand with getting them out in-world. So, I left a comment on the suffolk ‘n’ cool site offering help.

albert&dave_sfnc.jpgSo, there I was in SL and Peter IM’d me. I was in middle of an opening where my art was being exhibited but he joined us and I got one of his t-shirts and a shot of us wearing them.

If you have SL you can get your own shirt from this location using the following slurl :

Now, if I can just get a t-shirt designed for our podcast, extraordinary everyday lives.