Beth’s Birthday Mash

Beth is a blogging contact who is turning 50. She’s running a competition where you do a mashup for her birthday and submit it to her flickr pool.

The winner gets $50 donated to a charity of their choice. Here’s the details.

Here’s my entry. Now the mashup might not be obvious unless you are a Second Life citizen…but I’m sure Beth will see it.beth_50


BTW: For those interested, this was created from a screen shot in SL, then mashed using mostly LiveQuartz on a Mac….and took 35 layers and most of the afternoon…probably because I don’t have the exact right tools for this kind of thing on the Mac. A donation of photoshop for Mac would be greatly appreciated. :-)

Melbourne 2007

Been in Melbourne last few days on holiday. Nice city, reasonably easy to navigate, very scenic. As usual there’s a few caveots – see more on lifekludger.

While at southbank I met Cameron Reilly, esteemed chief honcho and CEO of the Podcast Network, where our extraordinary everyday lives show is hosted….here’s a pic of the cam and I.

I’ll post some more later when I get some more photos off a friends camera and get some more time.

Meanwhile theres a few pics here