Aim High – Virtualisation of Rick Clise’s Physical Art

I wonder does this:

aim high, sculpture in second life

Look anything like this:

aim high, the physical sculpture
Rick’s website

I learnt a bit more about buildig in Second Life and had this idea that I could reproduce a virtual representation of a physical sculpture.

And so is this object I created and that exists virtually as an object in Second Life a ‘copy’. Should I have done this? Is it a ‘mash-up’ of an idea? What creative commons license should I give it? How could a 3D representation help sculpture artists?

For those of you with Second Life here’s where you can see this virtual sculpture.


Todays Quote – Identity

From JP

Identity is a natural place to go. People will soon work out that the uniqueness is best defined by identity and not by IP address or similar.

Read it….look out for indentity hijackers and scarcity makers. We are as individuals already scarce – as in unique…we don’t need anyone monetising us.

a milestone of sorts

Do Subway have a Clue about Beetroot?

Is Subway supressing customer feedback?
New Domain:

I was contacted off blog and alerted to the fact that Beetroot still wasn’t back on the menu in other Australian states, even though it has returned in South Australia.

My source commented that there was a “fight internally” going on within the global food franchise to get Beetroot back on the Australian menu.

“The complaint line at head office actually stopped taking calls about the issue because the volume was so high.” I was told.

Now I thought this would have been evidence enough to give the customers what they want. But obviously Subway are yet to get on the Cluetrain.

Wonder what people like Doc, Seth or Hugh would make of such a brilliant piece of company relations.

Google search: “subway beetroot

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