Mixed-up Reality Meet-up

Techsoup.org are having a mixed reality meetup in SecondLife on 18th. Beth has all the info. over on her blog.

I’m intending to be there virtually and I knew Mike would be interested so I helped him get into SL and ramped up last night so if we get the chance we can go there. Here’s a photo of us sitting in front of the sign on the techsoup land in SecondLife – adourned in our techsoup tshirts.


I’m the young, good-looking, thin one on the right….hey, it’s virtual…I can be whatever I like! :)

Besides, I couldn’t find a wheelchair in SL – (ref. bottom few paragraphs).


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  2. Hi there! Tx for the link. There are wheel chairs – we ask someone at the event. See you on Tues.