Bloody eye!

bloody eye!Is there a Doctor in the house?

Can any doctors out there tell me if this is bad? Okay, it looks impressive but it doesn’t really hurt and as far as I can tell it’s called a Subconjunctival hemorrhage and should go away after a while.

Sorry about quality of this image…taken with my webcam.

4 thoughts on “Bloody eye!

  1. Hey dude. I was wondering if you found anything else about this eye thing? i have one i got from a hit aside from a ugly black eye and eyelid.. mine looks alot worse but i feel the same it doesnt hurt much.. let me know if you ever got any feedback. thanks!

  2. Gday Alex. No mate, apart from the diagnosis that I wrote above, it went away and is fine.

    If you have had a hit to the head you should check it out mate!

  3. Did the bloody eye go away? My son has one that’s 11 days old now, someone beat him up. (He’s been to the emergency room, and then the dr. a couple of days after that.)

  4. Hi teresa. Yes my redness went away after about a week. Mine wasn’t from a hit though, so I’d say get it checked out again…get a second opinion. Emergency rooms aren’t known here (in Australia) for best care. Hope it works out ok for your son.

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