Greens begin Bobcasting

Hey, this “Bobcasting” is too close to what I call the podcasts I’ve done from this blog – “Blobcasting”.

ABC News reports:

Greens leader Bob Brown is embracing new technology in an effort to reach more people.

Senator Brown has begun podcasting from his mobile phone.

The party leader records a message on an Internet voice mail service, which is then uploaded on his website and sent out to his subscribers.

Senator Brown says it is the age of instant news and people can now get the Greens’ point of view on any issue very quickly, despite busy working schedules.

No links to anywhere from this ABC News site, so even if you wanted to find it you couldn’t….just don’t get it .

Wonder what Cameron Reilly thinks of this?

ABC News link

2 thoughts on “Greens begin Bobcasting

  1. Yeah. I was not so much looking for the feed as passing comment about how commercial sites (like ABC news) have really only transferred their concept of a ‘newspaper’ into electronic form. Similar to how radio announcers when first on TV used to remain static on a new, dynamic medium. Instead, the web offers many more ways to enrich user experience of information interaction – like links. Then that takes openness, and that means a link might take users off their site….they don’t get the value in outbound links…yet google built a business on it.

    Open conversations enable broad markets – markets are conversations. Just like the comments on blogs!

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