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Tunatic is “a search engine that identifies songs playing from radio or any other music source. Tunatic displays the song’s title within seconds, along with the name of the artist and many useful links to download the song, read the lyrics, buy the CD, etc. Tunatic is free and available for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.”

Very twilight zone-ish.

I tested it by playing a few songs from my iTunes Library. It recognised most things I played at it except any Bruce Cockburn and other songs which are not mainstream. It seemed to have probs recognising slower tunes – ie: it recognised ‘Slow Train Coming’ by Bob Dylan, but not a slower song from same album. Had no trouble with ‘Wallflowers‘.

I was suspect it was reading my ID tags from my iTunes music, so I grabbed a radio and played whatever song was playing. It wasn’t a great signal but it recognised it – ‘From Paris to Berlin‘, by Infernal. I had no idea what it was, just sounded like every other dance track to me. But Tunatic recognised it seconds before the song atually went into the chorus and said the words of the track.

A fun gadget. Don’t know how useful it is in it’s current form….but it’s clever.

via Cam.

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  1. Thanks for the post. This is a great tool I have a bunch of songs in my iTunes with out the artist or track name I have been using this to update those songs with the correct info.

    I love this .. I IM’ed 5 people to tell them how great this program is.

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