It’s Broke!

Wonder why I’d been a bit quiet? I’ve been battling a sore shoulder since last Tuesday….finally got to get an x-ray today.

It’s broken! Fractured!

So will be a bit quiet until I figure out how to compute from bed effectively.

Photos to follow……no scar, no proof! :)


Who’s there?

Wandering around preparing some stuff for a presentation about blogs and what they are, how they can be used, I stumbled across a great ebook Seth Godin wrote last year. It’s called “who’s there? – Seth Godin’s incomplete guide to blogs and the new web“.

As usual with Seth, good stuff – especially for newbies….well, aren’t we all to differing degrees in this web 2.0 world?

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Saving Doug’s hair – What’s Web2.0 about?

Over at Doug Jacquier’s blog, Doug is “doodling and sctratching his head” trying to answer some questions posed to him from Jody Mahoney at about Web2.0. This is what I think – he asked for it!

I see two main things happening that what is termed Web2.0 is shaping and in turn, is shaping Web2.0 (culture drives technology, technology enables what the culture desires – see my post here and here for my thoughts on, and links to, Supernova address by Linda Stone as to the interconnectedness that exists there)

First, as an extrapolation to a bit of Vince Holt’s comment on Doug’s post, I think it is not so much about “migrating from” a publishing platform as it is about making the platform more accessible to individuals and that thereby makes it more equitable. It is that change that makes the development of ‘community’ more possible.

Second, it’s about ways of distributing that published content that fit the culture and the age the people exist in – context.

There’s lots of issues and benefits and technology and ideas around those, but I see them as the core.

In generalist terms, things such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, vidcasts fit into the first. RSS, OPML, issues of Attention/Time-shifting fit in the second.

To get to Doug’s specific questions:

1. What’s *really* new on the Web, as opposed to buzzwords and sound bites?

Free, uncomplicated, no-knowledge-required personal publishing and cross-platform distribution.

2. Which tools best embody the new opportunities from your point of view and why?

Blogs, RSS agregators, Podcatchers, Tagging tools (delicious, technorati, feedster etc) on user level.
AJAX, XML/RSS, OPML, Folksonomies, podcasting on tech/behind scenes/user interface level.

3. Who’s doing the best work with the new tools (technically or in terms of social benefit or both)?

Technically- Too big, too many to list.
Social- Too early to call. Lots have huge potential.

4. What’s the bad news? What are the greatest barriers preventing web-based technology from producing social change?

  • Same one that existed with Web1.0 and prior – equitable access to the technology.
  • Education as to its use and benefits. (Uplifters required)
  • Fear of technology and change.
  • Fear of real or conceived privacy problems. (Identity issues)
  • ‘Walled garden’ thinking and attitudes. (cultivation of ‘openness’ and ‘trust’ required .. will come as stronger connections come in response to desire for focused attention)
  • Old habits and past traditions (ref Cluetrain, subversion).

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Bloody eye!

bloody eye!Is there a Doctor in the house?

Can any doctors out there tell me if this is bad? Okay, it looks impressive but it doesn’t really hurt and as far as I can tell it’s called a Subconjunctival hemorrhage and should go away after a while.

Sorry about quality of this image…taken with my webcam.

Lifekludger Vision from Writely

Just managed to get Writely to post the first draft of the Lifekludger Vision doc file I’ve been collaborating on with Mike straight to my Lifekludger blog.

Had probs. at first with the xmlrpc.php file. I thought it was permissions but wasn’t. If you want to post from Writely to your WordPress blog and have more than one blog on your server that uses the same WordPress username to post to both (which I do!), you will need the information from the Writely user forums that I point to in the below link.

The trick is to leave the Blog ID/Title blank in Writely blog posting settings. Simple!

Fix for Writely and WordPress xmlrpc.php when multiple blogs/one name used –

Greens begin Bobcasting

Hey, this “Bobcasting” is too close to what I call the podcasts I’ve done from this blog – “Blobcasting”.

ABC News reports:

Greens leader Bob Brown is embracing new technology in an effort to reach more people.

Senator Brown has begun podcasting from his mobile phone.

The party leader records a message on an Internet voice mail service, which is then uploaded on his website and sent out to his subscribers.

Senator Brown says it is the age of instant news and people can now get the Greens’ point of view on any issue very quickly, despite busy working schedules.

No links to anywhere from this ABC News site, so even if you wanted to find it you couldn’t….just don’t get it .

Wonder what Cameron Reilly thinks of this?

ABC News link

Restart it!

I normally don’t put work stuff in here, maybe I need YAB (yet another blog)

Anyway, this is what happens when you don’t restart your Windows Webserver after applying an update patch!


You as the centre

Dredged this up from my drafts:

While this quote from Stephen Downes has an education focus, I believe it adds weight to the idea of the individual being the centre of gravity in future cultural trends online (ala Linda Stone).

edu_RSS 0.2
“Just had to link to this, especially because: “It’s just you, your community, and the web, an environment where you are the centre and where your teachers – if there are any – are your peers. It is, I believe, the future ……”