The new blob

As you can see, I have blob up on my domain running on WordPress.

I’ve modified the standard classic theme that WP installs to my liking.

Thanks to a script that takes posts from Blogger and imports them into WordPress I found over at the Skeltoac blog, the process was less painfull than I’d anticipated.

The instructions were easy enough to follow if you’ve been around Blogger long enough.

Once the posts were in I had a lot of cleaning up to do. This was due to my insistance of using a specific font that wasn’t the default used in the Blogger template. That caused each post to have and styles insterted throughoput the posts when they were generated from Blogger. So a tip is to use whatever style Blogger puts out and avoid it imbedding inline styles.

Still a lot of things I want to do with blob but now the foundation is there to build on…and at last I have categories.


Blob lives again!

Rumours of my demise are much over-rated!

Yes, that’s right. Contrary to a couple posts (now deleted) this blog, called blob, is NOT going to disappear.

Instead, it will continue as my personal blog to be filled with all those wonderfull things I get to say you just can’t live without!

I will no doubt be moving what and where blob is hosted and will move to my domain, while trying to keep the subscription links the same.

So, if you’ve unsubscribed and happenned over here … please subscribe to blob – the blog of david n wallace.

And while you are about it, you might like to subscribe to my lifekludger blog.

Cheers, Dave.

Starting Another Blog

Hi folks (all 2 of you! :))

I’m starting ANOTHER blog! I’ve reached the limits of what Blogger can offer me so I’ll be using WordPress as the platform.

Blob will still be used but as my personal blog for anything that catches my eye.

The new blog will be called “Lifekludger” and generally be about the workarounds I use, or could use, to get around barriers in doing life with a disability as well as exploring other ‘life enriching’ kludges, hacks, technology and thoughts that might help us all in the world of “digitalis interuptus“, as Andy calls it.

In time some of these posts might re-appear over there if they are “kludgey’.

Please either wander over there or subscribe using this link

Cheers…and thanks Blogger!

Dave is now up and running!

200 gig nono

Was checking out what Andy has been up to over at Sticky Notes. His latest find was reference to Apple and the 200gb iPod Nano (yes, two hundred gigs!).

A ‘how-toslight mod on Apples iPod nano.

After looking at the results, I’d have to rename it the iPod NoNo.

This took me over to the uncyclopediac site which I hadn’t seen before. The site seems to be an eclectic mix of tongue-poking fun at, well, anything. It’s hard to define, but you can see what it’s NOT.

Just the ‘un’ thing for these ‘un’ times.


It’s amazing how I know so little. I came across this word, disintermediation, while reading comments about what Mike’s trying to pull together over at LearnDog

As I look around at what’s going on in what Mike terms this “Web 2.0 world of disintermediation“, it occurred to me to draw a comparison to a situation closer to home.

In recent years many of the people with disabilities that had spear-headed advancements in independent community living, home care, integration and raising the status and lifestyles of those living with disability in South Australia, have died. They took with them many experiences and stories about their lives, exploits, defeats and victories.

As part of trying to get funding to get a history of disability project off the ground at work, we have captured a few short stories of current people we know as well as talked about the exploits of those recently passed. In all instances they leave me inspired. In effect, these people who were pioneers, or champions, of their time are today heros. And tey deserve recognition as such.

Most of their efforts forward were to be without a ‘middle man’ – in their case the ‘system’ and community attitudes of the time. And their foresight, vision and desire, mixed with huge doses of courage, is what got them nearer to where they wanted to go and empowered others to do so.

It occurs to me that the pioneers, or champions, of today are the heros of tomorrow.

Put your wagons in a circle troops!

beetroot is back!

VictoryBefore Everyone Eats This

I can harldy believe it! It seems Subway have finally come to their senses…..

A mate of mine, Wol, sent me an email to alert me…

“Hi DNW,

I just saw and ad from Subway about a new (limited time only) sub with beetroot!

well done!


Enjoy your Aussie Legend sub with beetroot – for a limited time only.”

So folks….go out and get your Aussie Sub with BEETROOT and give them a message to keep the beetroot for good!