a child arrived just the other day

i didn’t know exactly what flavour i wanted for this blog when i started. i know i didn’t want it to be a work blog and i know i didn’t want it to be a ‘diary’ – in the kind of personal journal kind of ‘diary’. i just knew i wanted to start, so i did. which, if you know me, in itself is quite weird.

i’ve been wondering what it’s all about and stumbled across a speech that steve jobs gave to students at a at stanford commencement. it’s a brilliant piece and especially so as Steve draws on deep personal experiences. it occurred to me that my blog may be a bit like laying down the dots to be joined later. to understand what that’s all about you’ll need to hear/read his speech.

since starting the blog i have developed the idea of having a cryptic title for each post. in my writings there will be clues that point towards why a post has the title i gave it. some might be obvious, others not so, and most likely give some indication of the strange way things float around in my brain. please add a comment if you think you know what the connection is. each person to guess first what the connection is will receive a mystery prize. the prize will be whatever i feel like giving at the time.

so, get involved and have a go. as quoted from that excellent australian movie, ‘the dish‘, “failure is never quite as bad as regret”.

and speaking of ‘the dish’, check out these interesting bits about the movie.

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