forget death and taxes, seems i can’t get away from work and lately. so much to do (blog), so little time.

kayla, over at devil’s playground seems to get it…or not get it – which is what we’re on about – “Why don’t Subway have beetroot?” she muses in this blog entry about things that keep her awake at night.

found out yesterday another friend from adelaide in times past has a blog.

remember ‘mac-backers’ paul?

must catch up with him. must get a life that lets me connect to people rather than machines yet still pays the bills. must stop must’ing. no wonder the words of a song got used as my email sig.

“caught between the longing for love and the strugle for the legal tender”

the dots are coming together

i’ve always viewed computers and technology as a tool. especially from the time i acquired my disability. before that point in time computers hadn’t crossed my path much and technology i didn’t much think of in any terms other than a tv and a (beta) vcr. but being from a mechanical background, tools i knew! so i think i’ll share more about tools in future.

i’ve been on leave from work this week. i didn’t go away anywhere as traveling for me can be a pain, in the sense it becomes a logistical nightmare, instead i had a mate fly down from newcastle so we could hang out together. consequently i didn’t spend very much time in front of a pc. instead we did other interesting things.

one interesting thing was running an optical cable from my pc in the study to the digital amp in my lounge. this works beautifully and i can now play my mp3 music from my pc in the lounge through the speaker system. it took me a while to get the basic bits together and get all the bits in place and while it’s nothing new and astounding that has never been done before it is definately more than just a toy for me. it’s a tool.

this latest tool gets around my not being able to put cd’s in and out a cd player and enables me to share my music when i have friends around.

my next task is to install the wireless usb adapter on my pc and the sd wireless card in my o2 so i can use terminal services on my pda to control my pc and play music from anywhere in the house. i have what’s needed, just need the help and a bit of time. more about that step later. and more on some other of my life tools too.

there’s a hole in my bucket

i’m on a crusade. at present though it’s gone a bit quiet out on the frontier.

i was chatting with my mate mike seyfang today who dropped into work to catch up. mike and i go way back, but that’s another story. the point of that sentence was to say that while talking to mike about blogs, pods and rocket science i asked if he’d seen . he hadn’t!

this pointed out how my fight had gone dull. i had succummed to the words of pink flyod’s ‘wish you were here‘ … you know the line … “did you exchange, a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage”. i had to do something. blog it!

you see, basically it goes like this: i like beetroot, subway used to put beetroot on their subs (here in adelaide anyway), i used to eat subway, subway removed it (and pineapple) from their menu, the shop people told me it was due to an order from on high, i complained in email to subway, they ignored me, so i put up a web page, i stopped eating subway.

a longer version is on my ‘‘ page. and if you like beetroot (or pineapple) or just loathe it when big business economics dictate from the other side of the globe what it is you like to eat, please sign my guest book.

Update: My guest book got spammed so the link above goes to my blog where you can leave a comment.

a child arrived just the other day

i didn’t know exactly what flavour i wanted for this blog when i started. i know i didn’t want it to be a work blog and i know i didn’t want it to be a ‘diary’ – in the kind of personal journal kind of ‘diary’. i just knew i wanted to start, so i did. which, if you know me, in itself is quite weird.

i’ve been wondering what it’s all about and stumbled across a speech that steve jobs gave to students at a at stanford commencement. it’s a brilliant piece and especially so as Steve draws on deep personal experiences. it occurred to me that my blog may be a bit like laying down the dots to be joined later. to understand what that’s all about you’ll need to hear/read his speech.

since starting the blog i have developed the idea of having a cryptic title for each post. in my writings there will be clues that point towards why a post has the title i gave it. some might be obvious, others not so, and most likely give some indication of the strange way things float around in my brain. please add a comment if you think you know what the connection is. each person to guess first what the connection is will receive a mystery prize. the prize will be whatever i feel like giving at the time.

so, get involved and have a go. as quoted from that excellent australian movie, ‘the dish‘, “failure is never quite as bad as regret”.

and speaking of ‘the dish’, check out these interesting bits about the movie.