how can we see that far

although this is only my third entry in my blog, i sometimes wondered if i was ever going to have something to write. i try not to write about work, but as that’s what i spend a lot of my time doing, and the place where a lot of ‘stuff’ happens, it would be easy to write about that ‘stuff’. but that’s not really what i want to blog. anyway, today i found something.

the mailman delivered a copy of “the sun” magazine.

i’d ordered this back copy specifically because it had an article on bruce cockburn in it and in my busyness i’d forgotten i’d ordered it until it landed on my desk today.

this magazine is a breath of difference in a world of imitation. if you’re at all interested in what’s beyond the architecture, do yourself a favour and sample some of “the sun”.

a whale of a time

i listened to my first podcast yesterday. sounds hip hey? really though it’s not. i mean i don’t have an ipod, so you could say i listened to a mp3 file of some guys talking instead of singing. i listened to the gadget show, after following a link from a friends blog at learndog. i did this on my pc using itunes but guess if i wanted could put the podcast onto my pda (an o2).

i really liked the concept of having this info talking in the background while i worked on other things. i often have something playing in the background while i work – music/radio/tv – i find it helps me concentrate (go figure). maybe it’s because when i was at school i always did homework with the tv or music on. it’s kinda like i associate background noise with working (shrug). anyway, having a podcast as background was a good way of having this background noise actually be informative. i was able to pick up tidbits of info off and on and this tended to educate and stimulate new ideas.

so, i might do a bit more of this. another thing to listen to in the background.